Wifi Solutions

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Partnering with Altai Technologies, We designs, develops and markets carrier-grade, innovative wireless broadband solutions.

We have patented long range WiFi technologies that can dramatically improve WiFi signal coverage while minimizing interference from other unwanted signal sources.

Our products are deployed worldwide in every major industry, including carriers and service providers, logistics centers, educational institutions, municipal governments, hospitalities, manufacturing plants and more.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers a complete wireless solution comprising base stations (A8-Ein/ A8in/A8n), access points (A2/A2e/A2-Ei/A1n/C1n/ C1an), CPE (C1n/C1an/U1), wireless backhaul (A2/A2e/C1n/C1an/B5), access controllers and wireless management software (AWMS).

Altai’s flagship product, the A8n Super WiFi base station, is deployed globally with various 3G, LTE, CDMA and WiMax mobile systems for 3G/4G data offloading, as well as in city-wide WiFi networks and various private network applications.

DAS Wifi

Altai DAS WiFi Access Point is the latest offering in the Altai Technologies product family. It combines the signals of GSM, 3G and CDMA together with 802.11n WiFi and transmits all the signals through an existing in-building Distributed Antenna System.

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3G Offload

ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution is the only one in the market today with a device-aware subscriber provisioning process and methodology to do one time registration, and facilitate offloading subscribers from the cellular network to the WiFi offload network.

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SuperWifi Wireless Broadband

The Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed to offer a cost-effective wireless solution for different applications such as 3G/LTE Data Offload, Wireless Broadband, Hotel, University, Container Port, Video Surveillance.

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