SuperWifi and Wireless Broadband

The Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed to offer a cost-effective wireless solution for different applications such as 3G/LTE Data Offload, Wireless Broadband, Hotel, University, Container Port, Video Surveillance. Altai’s longer reach Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer units per square kilometer of coverage with savings of more than 65% and improved latency over conventional mesh systems, making Altai Super WiFi an ideal solution for service providers.


The Application:

  • To bring high speed broadband connectivity
  • To accelerate household broadband penetration
  • To bring broadband to community facilities and schools
  • To provide basic communication services in rural areas
  • To provide knowledge-based economy and ICT education
  • To improve government efficiencies and local GDP

The Challenge:

  • High site & backhaul cost
  • High cost & lack of fiber to houses
  • Long deployment time
  • High interference environment

The Altai Solution:

  • 65% high savings in CAPEX & OPEX
  • Minimum installation sites
  • Super large area coverage: 1 km LOS, 500 m NLOS, 2-4 BTS/ sq. km.
  • Fast deployment in days
  • High interference rejection and low spurious emission