Network Packet Broker

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Partnering with VSS Monitoring, We provide solutions and products range from 100% fail-safe network TAPs up to sophisticated Network Packet Brokers. Comprehensive features and capabilities run the gamut from basic aggregation, load balancing, and filtering, to complex inline traffic by-pass, SSL decryption, DPI and more. Our products make monitoring, protecting and managing your network easier and more cost effective.

VSS Monitoring is the leader in Network Packet Brokers, allowing you to make optimal use of your network monitoring and security tools. VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to packet brokering. With our vMesh architecture, up to 256 appliances can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, and scalable packet brokering fabric, providing complete network visibility and data access, and greater tool efficiency and ROI.

Capabilities unique to VSS Monitoring products include managing active traffic between multiple inline security tools, providing a single pane view of the entire network monitoring infrastructure, enable centralizing monitoring tools across a geographically diverse network, allow zero downtime tool management & maintenance, decrypt SSL traffic for all tools, spool data to external storage devices for more efficient retrieval and more.

Advanced network packet brokers for service providers, enterprise and federal government agencies

High capacity packet brokers that provide network-wide visibility, data access and optimization for network monitoring and security tools.
Packet brokers with unique capabilities to optimize inline security tools and enable layered security architectures.
Distributed Series
Appliances that provide real-time, bi-directionally decrypted plaintext of SSL flows to security appliances (IPS, Web Proxy, DLP) without impacting application performance or network throughput.
vInspector Series
Provides real-time and bi-directional decryption and re-encryption of SSL traffic flowing across enterprise networks.

Finder Series

Allows large-scale real-time deep packet filtering based on object, pattern, and signature detection.

TAP Series

Accesses traffic from full-duplex networks, making them available for network intelligence tools and Network Intelligence Optimization system building.
Access, capture, aggregate, filter, process and forward traffic from one or multiple physical or virtual network access points directly to multiple storage or Big Data content platforms


System-level management console for managing VSS Monitoring network packet brokers and TAPs, providing network-wide topology views, policy management, reporting and updates.