Internet Advertising Solutions

We have a unique approach to enabling advertising revenue by deploying our servers on the edge of the Internet, we are able to offer an unmatched level of geographic targeting capability to advertisers. We allow advertisers to reach the demographic they want ― when they want and where they want. This is particularly valuable outside of the Indonesia, where portal-based advertising is often ineffective.

Our Internet advertising solutions provide advertisers with the following key benefits:

  • Smart data sets, instead of raw information collection such as  actionable reporting by location, Network Partner, campaign, ad, year, month, quarter, week, day, hour, browser, operating  system, connection speed, and more include high-level summary reporting for quick reviewing
  • Deep campaign analytics
  • Increased revenues
  • Ability to enter new markets
  • Extended brand reach with localized targeting
  • Larger customer-base
  • Tremendously improved advertisement relevancy
  • Higher response rates
  • Better return on resources invested
  • Profitable campaigns
  • Real-time optimization throughout the entire campaign life-cycle
  • Metrics to meet your business objectives

Messaging Services:

  • Notifying subscribers of planned network maintenance
  • Delivering community and public relations announcements
  • Sending out late payment notices and requests for payment
  • Encouraging sign-ups for online billing.

Advertising Services:

  • Promote ISP’s own products and services.
  • Generate advertising revenue from local businesses/third parties
  • Market relevant content to your subscribers.

Redirection Services:

  • Increase traffic to your portal
  • Redirect subscribers to updated Terms of Service page
  • Send delinquent subscribers to a captive portal until they pay.

Messaging Flexibility:

  • You select the start and end dates and times of a message campaign.
  • Messages can be shown once, or repeated on an interval that you choose (1-60 minutes).
  • More than one message can be scheduled to be delivered (via rotation) to a group of subscribers at the time interval chosen.
  • Critical announcements can be shown immediately.