Enterprise Automation Management System

ASG’s Enterprise Automation Management Suite (EAMS) solutions offer a practical approach to managing the ever-increasing complexity in today’s IT environments. As companies add new platforms, technologies, applications, and people to support delivery of IT and business services, complexity continues to grow.

This complexity has led to challenges in accessing the appropriate real-time information to make critical business decisions. Likewise, deployment of new services while trying to proactively manage the quality of existing services can be a challenge.

ASG’s EAMS solutions provide a Foundation Technology that automates access to critical enterprise information which leverages data from any automation tool, data store, or application to provide better decision support, avoid costly outages, manage risk, and manage the health of IT and Business Services.

Extract maximum value from your existing technology
Why replace what you’ve already paid for? EAMS is a complementary solution that leverages your existing technology
and data sources to provide additional value and improve management of the enterprise.

Attain real-time insight and understanding for better and faster decision making
Automated access and visibility to disparate information makes the goal of IT and business integration possible,
improves responsiveness to the business, and helps meet critical service delivery requirements.

Avoid costly outages and manage risk
Proactively manage complexity and take action before a problem becomes critical.

Rapidly deploy highly flexible solutions for quick time to value
Avoid vendor lock-in and get started today with the EAMS solution that is right for you. The Foundation Technology
options allow you to build value by adding functionality and user access based on your changing needs.