Altai Technologies Distributed Antenna System (DAS) WiFi Access Point
The new DAS WiFi Access Point is the latest offering in the Altai Technologies product family. It combines the signals of GSM, 3G and CDMA together with 802.11n WiFi and transmits all the signals through an existing in-building Distributed Antenna System. With this setup, operators can offload their heavy 3G traffic via WiFi without any extra costs spent on new antenna infrastructurealtai-das-resize.

We have worked with Smartone, one of the leading Mobile Phone Service operators in Hong Kong, to carry out tests in Smartone’s office to prove how well this product works. Two DAS APs were installed at KITECC for the SmarTone trial. One DAS AP provided WiFi coverage for the office area while the other one provided WiFi coverage for the lounge.

For most of the 33 test points, laptops could obtain Signal Strength between -34dBm~-64dBm. Max client downlink and uplink throughput are shown below:

Max Data Rate Max DL Throughput Max UL Throughput
65Mbps 37.3Mbps 34.8Mbps

We also tested the throughput based on distance with the following results:

Distance (m) DL throughput (Mbps) UL throughput (Mbps) RSSI(dBm) Ping(loss %)
0 22.3 13.6 -50 0
5 31.5 20.1 -47 0
10 12.8 12.8 -53 0
15 3.8 2.7 -59 0

Smartone was impressed by the DAS WiFi AP and would like to carry the test to another stage, which is a commercial building full of visitors. From that we will know how well it performs when there are multiple users accessing the Internet through the DAS WiFi AP.