Altai Technologies Distributed Antenna System (DAS) WiFi Access Point The new DAS WiFi Access Point is the latest offering in the Altai Technologies product family. It combines the signals of GSM, 3G and CDMA together with 802.11n WiFi and transmits all the signals through an existing in-building Distributed Antenna System. With this setup, operators can offload their heavy 3G traffic via WiFi without any extra costs spent on new antenna infrastructure.

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3G Offload

ANTlabs 3G Offload: A nimble and flexible 3G network the easy way

Investments are paying off and your subscriber base is growing. However, this growth brings with it congestion and mobile data surge that must be addressed to keep data flowing and subscribers satisfied.

ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution is a unique and ideal solution to address your 3G network’s congestion and offloading requirements, and allowing your 3G network to become highly flexible, and reliable without… Read more »

SuperWifi and Wireless Broadband

The Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed to offer a cost-effective wireless solution for different applications such as 3G/LTE Data Offload, Wireless Broadband, Hotel, University, Container Port, Video Surveillance. Altai’s longer reach Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer units per square kilometer of coverage with savings of more than 65% and improved latency over conventional mesh systems, making Altai Super WiFi an ideal solution for service providers.

The Application:

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