Netmapper – Automated Network Documentation

Accurate and up-to-date infrastructure diagrams are essential for troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, planning, and change management. Many organizations rely on labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes to update diagrams. The level of effort required to maintain up-to-date inventory and accurate network diagrams continues to mount as networks become increasingly complex, dynamic, and virtualized.

OPNET’s NetMapper addresses this challenge by automatically generating up-to- date infrastructure diagrams and inventory reports. NetMapper’s intelligent analysis and reporting engine:
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Network Modelling and Simulation

Network designers are constantly challenged by the growing complexity of communications protocols and the increasing scale of network deployments. Network R&D is no longer a process that can be conceded to spreadsheets or traditional software. In order for Network R&D organizations to innovate, they need robust network simulation software to easily and intuitively model the intricate end-to-end behavior of protocols. The solution must also be able to efficiently analyze the performance of these protocols and… Read more »

Network Planner

OPNET’s SP Guru® Network Planner and IT Guru® Network Planner enable planning and design of multi-technology, multi-vendor networks. Network Planner’s unique ability to model the behavior of the entire network and the supported applications:

-Delivers precise predictions in what-if scenarios to accurately plan for growth, change, technology migration, and new application deployment.

-Supports planning key initiatives such as data center migration, deployment of Unified Communications, VPN, and IPv6 migration.

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ARX- End user Experience Monitoring

AppResponse Xpert is a passive, agentless solution that monitors and analyzes end-user experience for all types of applications via network traffic that is observed by the appliance, obtaining data through deep packet inspection via a SPAN port or TAP. A single appliance automatically summarizes packet data according to applications and user-defined business entities such as locations or departments and computes statistics for automatic report generation.
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Application and Network Performance Management

• Store and index large amounts of performance data
• Automatically extract anomalous behavior, correlate information, identify the root cause of problems,
and predict events and performance trends
• Reveals valuable information to alert staff and resolve problems faster

End-User Experience Monitoring
• Measures response time and availability from the end user’s perspective
• Aligns performance management with the needs of actual business users

Application Mapping
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