3G Offload

ANTlabs 3G Offload: A nimble and flexible 3G network the easy way

Investments are paying off and your subscriber base is growing. However, this growth brings with it congestion and mobile data surge that must be addressed to keep data flowing and subscribers satisfied.

ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution is a unique and ideal solution to address your 3G network’s congestion and offloading requirements, and allowing your 3G network to become highly flexible, and reliable without sacrificing quality of service to subscribers.


Offload between cellular and WiFi networks intelligently

ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution is the only one in the market today with a device-aware subscriber provisioning process and methodology to do one time registration, and facilitate offloading subscribers from the cellular network to the WiFi offload network.

With ANTLabs’ unique Intelligent Offloading, your 3G network will be able to handle congestion intelligently by offloading subscribers only if the offload network has enough capacity and bandwidth, ensuring a smoother transition between services.
Unique Stack and Zero Configuration

ANTLabs provides an end-to-end solution through its unique hardware and software stack as an easy-to-configure appliance, enhancing overall performance while avoiding huge investments in hardware platforms, and reducing operational costs in operating a carrier-grade WiFi offloading infrastructure.

The Zero Configuration Networking capability in ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution, ensures that your offloading network is adaptable by being able to dynamically handle subscribers, making your network easy to manage and able to significantly reduce connectivity issues and end-user support.
Maximize Subscriber Satisfaction and Revenue Potential

The capability to wholesale your WiFi infrastructure in ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution helps you maximize the revenue potential of your WiFi infrastructure investment, and allows your network to take on more subscribers while providing a more cost-effective service.

With ANTLabs’ 3G offloading solution in place, your network will be able to deliver excellent user experience, address common operator issues, enable support for various deployment scenarios, provide value-added services, and bring new life to your existing cellular and WiFi infrastructure investments.